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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  July 8, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm kristen sze. some of the survivors in that boating accident are returning home with incredible stories and scathing criticism. >> terry mcsweeney talked to 73-year-old fisherman this morning. >> reporter: he knows few things life on the high seas, 18 years in the merchant marine, good friend is missing and feared dead and he said the problem out there last sunday morning was with the captain, not only did the captain get off the boat faster than anyone else, he did
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nothing to help the passengers and should face criminal charges. >> he is wearing the shirt that he got as a fishing trip. he woke up at 2:00 a.m. this sunday with the ship in big trouble. >> we ran out on the cabin door and we flew out because it linda heavily toward the port side. >> he found an ice chest floating by. it was at that moment his bad luck turned to good. >> ice chest that i picked up had two life vests in there and one bottle of water. that is luck. >> then he spotted a panga, a smaller fishing boat. they got on boat and they turned into rescuers. >> we had a rope and we threw that out to them. one guy swum to it and we threw
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it again, pretty soon the life raft came close so we got it altogether in that boat. in that time we were probably about 1 people. >> all of this terror and tragedy pete says can be laid at the feet of the captain. >> there was never any warning to us. there was no mayday. at the time i didn't even realize we didn't hear a beacon or a flare. a beacon picks it up immediately or somebody would have been within an hour. >> reporter: i promised him i would get this out to the public. he wanted to thank the mexican federales and mexican navy and he with a wants to thanks the family because when he washed up on shore, people from chula vista made him a meal. it was a meal of octopus.
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>> it's just incredible. >> and more survivors that just arrived there. >> you know the good feelings what terry just said is exactly true. in a story you'll see first here he is one of the men that survived. he survived at sea, sunburn and battered and bruised but spent five days trying to get home and today he could not be happier. >> it's pretty tough, pretty tough. >> the man who survived the capsized mexican fishing boat were meant with tears happy to see him. he arrived in gilroy at the greyhound station, battered and bruised but happy to be home.
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>> unbelievably. not only did we, you know, have this adventure but then half bay home, truck broke down we were driving. so we had to drop the truck off. other family members to pick up. it's like never ending. >> it has been five days since the 27 american tourists were tossed into the sea of cortez after stormy waters capsized share fishing boat. one man died but 78 others are missing. a coastguard c-130 crew completed a search but neither they nor mexican search teams found anything. coastguard and mexican navy officials are deciding whether to continue the operation calling it an hour by hour decision. >> they are all good people. >> family members have asked that you continue to send
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prayers and support. for more information about the seven men that are missing, go to our website at this weekend we'll hear more than we ever have before about jaycee dugard's kidnapping. in an exclusive with diane sawyer airing in a two-hour special. this morning, diane talked to us about jaycee's incredible spirit. >> she came across poised and strong and talking with clarity how she survived. >> i can't imagine being beaten to death, but you can't imagine being raped. you just do what you have to do to survive. >> the now 31-year-old was only 11 when philip and nancy garrido abducted her. they kept her locked up in the backyard where early who o she was chained to a bed.
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agents came to the home 60 times each time not realizing she needed to be saved. >> during those long 18 years, did you ever consider suicide? >> no. you know i asked her questions like that and here is one of the lessons we learned about who survives and who does not. she loved her mother and she yearned for her mother and her wonderful baby sister. she never let hope disappear. >> hope grew when she went into labor and gave birth to her first daughter at age 14. >> i felt like it wasn't alone anymore. >> diane says dugard carries not
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to carry bitterness but to cherish every day but her own mother is wrestling with rage and regret. i. er chose not to kiss my girl goodbye that morning so to be on time. every time i kick myself, baby goodbye. >> you can watch the entire interview with jaycee dugard in a prime time special right here. after falling in love and getting married some time, jaycee knows it will be complicated but has proven nothing is impossible. on to other news, the death toll has arise then a small
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plane crash in watsonville. n.t.s.b. says four people died, two adults and could two children. the single-engine plane took off and crashed had around 7:30 last night and careened 50 to 70 feet into a medical building and started a fire. >> reporter: all four of the victims were on board. witnesses say they could tell the plane was in trouble. it was wobbling as it it made its way over. it skidded into this medical office building which was at the time empty at the time and exploded on impact. >> explosion. >> ivan watched helplessly as the plane crashed into the medical offices. >> there was burning and there was nothing i can do. all i can do is watch. everybody was calling the ambulance.
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when they showed up they were pretty much, after burning for a while. it's pretty sad. >> investigators visited the site of the crash and so did residents, include pilots that couldn't helpful put themselves in that cockpit. >> we've flown outs of the airport and we've had all those situations where you question yourself in the moment. >> pam was in the office next door just before the crash. she gets emotional just thinking about it. >> i left shortly before which is a flash. i'm lucky. my greatest emotion, i'm very glad it happened at the time day that it was and did not hit the hospital. >> the community hospital was spared. the plane missed the hospital's main building. the staff is trying to conduct business as usual today.
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>> we have a great team here at this hospital and there really is a sense of calm, probably a little thankfulness it didn't hit any part of the hospital proper. >> federal officials will look at the wreckage here at the scene today and then likely move it today or tomorrow to a spot where they can get a better look. the investigation could take up to six months, no word on a possible cause, although local pilots say it was foggy at the time. they are speculating that possibly may have given the pilot some trouble. they will give a briefing today at 2:00. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> we'll have that information later at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> in the meantime, space history was made this morning, shuttle atlantis blasted off beginning nasa's last shuttle mission. >> two, one, zero and lift the final lift off of atlantis
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on the shoulders of the space shuttle. >> atlantis and crew of four are on that you are way to the international space station. it lifted off just a little before 8:30 marking the beginning of the end of nasa's program. nearly one million people watched the historic 135th shuttle mission. the crew will deliver a year's worth of supplies to the space station. it's expected to come home on july 20th. >> and at mountain view, they watched the shuttle launch at moffett field. fans cheered as it went on its last flight but it was tempered by the realization it may be the last time that america launches astronauts into space for many years. >> feel a little bit sad to see
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the last shuttle going up. i'm a little disappointed we don't have anything on deck. >> we have a lot of things to take but there is so many benefits from the space program i hope they find a way to do it in the future. >> rex walhiem is one of the astronauts on the flight. >> and a baseball fan lost his life and has the a's and rangers in morning. >> and missed the mark by a lot. political finger
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major league baseball is offering their deepest condolences after a fan plunged to his death at an a's game in texas. after a foul ball by josh hamilton, the fan tumbled 20
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feet below to the concrete. 39-year-old firefighter from brownwood texas was rushed to the hospital where unfortunately he died a short time later. it was the second fatal fall at a major league stadium this season. >> president obama says the uncertainty whether lawmakers will raise the nation's debt limit. labor department says employers added only 18,000 jobs last month, that is the fewest added in the last nine months. this missed expectations by more than 100,000 jobs. unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. they blamed high gas prices. republicans used the report to slam the democratic agenda. >> where are the jobs? the stimulus selling binge and
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overwhelming debt continue to hold back a job creators around our country. >> we still have a long way to go and a lost work to do to give people the security and opportunity that they deserve. >> president obama and congressional leaders met yesterday to discuss a compromise to raise the national debt limit. treasury department says a deal must be reached by august 2nd or the government may be forced to default on its bills for the first time ever. >> mike nicco is looking ahead at the forecast and weekend is here. >> weekend is here but before the cooling trend we have warmer weather for today. clouds are along the coast. get used to that and you may see some drizzle and temperatures may be falling below average.
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we started hot and normal and below normal. >> it may take a while to get back. >> take a look outside, downward slope will be much longer than the climb up to the warmer
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temperatures we had earlier this week. let's talk about the fog and how it's rolling across san francisco right now punching through the golden gate bridge. you can't even see it looking northwest from sutro tower, here is looking east from the berkeley hills back towards mount diablo and a little bit of haze, clouds will be more prevalent in your morning forecast, cooling is one day away from your neighborhood. take a look at the satellite and clearing taking place to the north while the clouds still hug the coast in our neighborhood. high pressure is making temperatures a little warmer today as asset breeze isn't quite as strong as it was yesterday. 57 in half moon bay. mid to upper 60s around the bay shore. as you head inland, 80s in los gatos and fairfield. monterey bay, 57 in santa cruz to 61 in monterey and watsonville. sunny and warm inland, pretty mild around the bay and coast. more clouds will help the
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cooling trend especially next week when the marine layer will be thickest. one degree warmer in san jose. six in oakland and santa rosa. temperatures stretch from 92 in dublin to 96 in brentwood. 81 in fremont. everybody else in the 70s on the east bay shore. 92 in los gatos. that is the temperature spread in the south bay. millbrae and san mateo, low 80s for the rest of the peninsula. clouds at the coast, low to mid-60s while downtown san francisco and sausalito more sunshine and 70. mid to upper 80s to the north bay valleys with low to mid-60s and sunshine at your beaches. low to mid-70s around the monterey bay. mid 90s at gilroy and morgan hill. mets are in town to take on the giants. 62 dropping down to 58 degrees. tonight, temperatures will be back into the 50s in most neighborhoods. 49 in santa rosa, low to mid-60s
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in fairfield and antioch. still going to be cool tonight even after a warm day. cooling trend will hit the sierra, 80 in tahoe, mid-70s this weekend. 90 in yosemite but mid-80s over the weekend. here is accu-weather seven-day forecast, it's a gradual cooling trend, couple degrees here and there and before you know it wednesday and thursday and temperatures are below average in the low to mid-80s inland and low 70s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. >> thanks very much. have a great weekend. >> by the way, i. aidz walk in san francisco will be held nine days on sunday, july 17th at golden gate park. call them or visit aidz >> thanks, mike. >> britain's prince william and catherine will arrive in los angeles for a three-day visit. the governor and his wife will
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greet them at the airport. earlier in the day they launched the calgary stampede. this is the last day of their visit in canada. the pair sporting a white cowboy hat. stampede is an annual event. >> friday's perfect pet. >> mike nicco will
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today at 4:00, shoe says
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follow the money. she left for a new career that is changing lives in afghanistan. >> and here is something you have to check on out the perfect pet with mike nicco. >> almost seeing double vision there. good morning suzanne. >> good morning. >> nice to you have you in the marin humane society, you have two friends. they are buddies. >> this is chewy and this is daisy and she is manchester terrier mix. he loves to go on walks and ix more. she loves to play ball. they are house trained and they would be good for a family with older kids. they are pretty comfortable on my lap. they would love that and we can talk real quickly.
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we have a fund-raiser on july 23rd and be mcgwynnness park in san rafael. >> call them if you are interested and we'll have more information on our website. >> thank you. >> that is going to do it for now. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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